Co-producing a play space – action research report

Homerton Grove Adventure Park

Homerton Grove Adventure Playground

Co-producing a play space: reading playwork stories, practices and artefacts on an adventure playground, by Stuart Lester, John Fitzpatrick and Wendy Russell.

This action research project looked at the ways in which playwork practitioners at Homerton Grove make sense and give meaning to their practice in designing and maintaining an environment for play took place over a six month period in 2013.

Working collaboratively with members of the play and playwork team at the University of Gloucestershire, adventure playground workers explored current articulations of design intentions and practices drawing on a range of conceptual approaches and tools. This brought a critical and reflective lens to the production of the adventure playground, its everyday rhythms, routines and habits, and the ways in which adults and children co-create play spaces.

The playwork team and other colleagues at Hackney Play Association continue to build on this work through reflective practice, developing learning materials and seeking opportunities for further research.

The report can be read here and is relevant to anyone interested in looking at play, children, space, movement, observation, reflection and playwork.

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