Hackney Energy party at Homerton Grove

**HALF TERM –  Solar Panel making workshop for children and parents on Friday 20th February 2015 from 12.30-4.30pm.**

To celebrate Community Energy Fortnight, Hackney Energy will be hosting a solar celebration in Homerton Grove Adventure Playground on Saturday 20 September 2014.

The event will mark the switch on of the solar panels at the playground and discuss ideas for the energy future of our borough. Everyone is welcome.

Throughout 2014, Hackney Energy has been working with Repowering London to set up an energy co-operative on the Banister House Estate in Homerton, which is located right next to the playground, with plans for a 120kW solar installation for the estate roofs later this year.

In the meantime the community group has been working with young people from Banister House to learn about the co-operative business model, draught-bust community buildings, and, most recently, replace the inverter for the solar panels at our playground.

At the party there will be a demonstration of how the solar panels work,  lively energy discussions, games for the children, and more. Refreshments will be provided.

Date: Saturday 20th September 2014
Time: 12.00 – 14.00
Location: Homerton Grove Adventure Playground, Wardle Street, E9.

For more information on renewable energy go to:
Website: hackneyenergy.org.uk
Twitter: @HackneyEnergy
Email: hello@hackneyenergy.org.uk

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