Hackney Play Streets in spotlight

Screen shot of CYPN article

Children & Young People Now (CYPN) magazine highlights Hackney Play Streets as a best practice example, in a special report on policy, play and practice.

Director of Hackney Play Association Nicola Butler and play streets support officer Allison Vitalis were interviewed for the CYPN article  which you can also link to on the CYPN website here.

Play streets happen when residents close off their streets to through traffic for a few hours weekly or monthly, so that children can play out more safely and neighbours come together – making streets friendlier for all. The Hackney Play Streets project is part of Hackney Play Association and is funded by Hackney Council. We offer free support to residents, schools and other community organisations that want to take part in the idea. More information on how to start a play street is available here – and please get in touch for a start up chat: allison.vitalis@hackneyplay.org

Interest in street play has been growing throughout the UK in the last five years, in part as a result of the work of Playing Out, which pioneered the resident-led model of road closures – as adopted in Hackney – called playing out sessions or play streets. Playing Out offers free resources and support to anyone interested in getting children playing out more.

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