Getting started

IMG_3312.JPGThe Play Streets scheme is open to residents and organisations in most residential streets in Hackney. The Council processes and approves applications and we at Hackney Play Streets are here to support you throughout. There are three key steps for applying. For fuller information and tips, download our guide: Consulting & applying here

Step 1: Consult with your neighbours 

Speak to your neighbours to get their views and build support for the idea. We advise taking a bit of time with this, doing it face-to-face as much as you can, and ensure people get the chance to consider the idea and ask questions. Often organisers do this through door knocking neighbours whilst delivering a letter. Some also hold a meeting. We offer letter templates to help here.

Step 2: Sign up supporters

This step should run in tandem with your consultation. Hackney Council provides a petition template as part of the application pack pack for you to gather signatures in support of your play street. Most streets collect between 20 to 30 signatures, but it varies on the length of street.

Children chat and chalk in the streetStep 3: Apply to the council

Complete and submit your application pack to Hackney Council together with your support petition. At this stage you also need to tell everyone in your street that you are formally applying to run a play street. Use the template notice provided in the application form (page 5) and send this out to your neighbours.

Applications take around 8-10 weeks to process.


Your application may generate one or two objections, but don’t let this put you off. It’s hard to please everyone! If neighbours do object, treat these with respect and try to understand where they are coming from. We can help you respond to objections and signpost you to useful resources.

Contact us 

Please get in touch if you have questions. All the project team are involved with running sessions in our own streets and we are very happy to meet you for a start-up chat. Contact:


Further information on how we can help here.