Contact and Support

There are lots of ways we can support you through the process:

  • Attend resident’s meetings or initial start-up discussions
  • Photocopy letters/flyers – if you don’t have easy access to one
  • Help with dealing with objections (should you get any)
  • Assist with the application form
  • Assist with door-knocking if needed
  • Attend your first session
  • Offer ongoing email/phone support

Once your street is approved, we will also provide you with a start-up pack, including high visibility vests for stewarding, whistle and lanyards. Road Closed signs and Road Ahead Closed signs, as well as cones, are available to collect from Hackney Council.

If you are a resident, please contact one of our resident support officers:

If you are a teacher/ head teacher, or are from another organisation, please contact the project manager:

  • Claudia Draper: or 07947 095069